Neighbors notifications distance setting not working

I constantly get neighbors post notifications for posts that are several miles from my house even though I have my distance set to 2 miles. I live in a city so there are a lot of posts in the bad neighborhood that’s 3.5 miles away. I don’t want a notification unless it is actually near me. How can I get the setting to work properly?

I can’t share the picture of the post because I’m a new user…

This is the most recent notification I got, where someone was shot in Bankhead :cry:

For me I turned off notifications as they were of no use to me and well, rather depressing. So I only going into the Neighbor part of the app once in a blue moon. My own sanity thanks me.

I will turn off notifications entirely if I can’t get it to work properly as I don’t need constant alerts that there is crime somewhere in Atlanta. I would like to be alerted if i.e. there are car break ins in my neighborhood, as happened recently.