Neighbors in Europe

Why does the neighbors functionality not work in Europe?

Better privacy laws maybe?
In my area, I’ve looked a Neighbors from time to time, and other than people posting videos of people looking in their windows I’ve found little use for it despite seeing many of my neighbors with Ring doorcams. I can get more info from NextDoor.

Yep, maybe. But I’d rather here it from Ring.
And probably your right about the usefulness.

Hi there, @Chrisss! I’ve checked with the team, who have confirmed the Neighbors by Ring app is only for use in the US. There is no update at this time, on the availability of the Neighbors app in any other regions. Your feedback has, however, been shared, in which I invite you to also share your interest or insight in our Feature Request Board. We constantly share these requests with our teams here. :slight_smile: