Neighbors does not update home location for a shared location

My wife and I used to live in location A. I don’t remember who “owned” the devices in the Ring app but the Neighbors tab showed us crime updates for location A correctly.

Then we moved to location B. We removed A from our accounts, my wife took ownership of devices at B, and added me as a “Shared User” at location B. However, if I go to the Neighbors tab to check for recent crimes in my area, it still seems to think I am at A. It shows the house icon at A. Interestingly, for my wife, Neighbors shows the house icon at B as expected.

How do I change my house address for the Neighbors tab for a SHARED location which was shared with me (i.e. I do not own devices in the app)? Since I live at B now, I would really like to get crime updates for B and not A.

Hi @user17169. When you’re navigating to the Neighbors tab in the Ring app, you should see the name of your location at the top of the app. Try tapping this location name to bring up a drop-down list that should show you the new location you’re at. You can also tap the cog wheel icon in the top right to access the settings, which should also have both locations listed. You can then disable the alerts and notifications for the old location you no longer live in.

Having the same issue here. I own the Ring setup at our house and share it with my wife. We moved earlier this year and I updated the location address in my account, which also updated my Neighbors location, but my wife’s Neighbors tab still shows her info for our old neighborhood. Her app does not provide any options to update the address of her Neighborhood to reflect our current address.