Neighbors App - Unable to post

I’ve been using Ring products for quite a while now and never had any complaints or issues. After some recent events occurring in my neighborhood I felt the need to share it on Neighbors. It seems no matter what I try to post it is automatically flagged and removed. I have read the guidelines and nothing that I post is a violation. After reading some posts on this forum I see that other people are experiencing the same thing.

So what is going on with this app? Are the posting guidelines so strict that unless it’s a lost dog or a “Neighborly Moment” it’s not going to be posted?

Sorry if this seems like a rant but this is frustrating because it seems like truly useful information is purposely being filtered.

Hi @othrside. You can find the Neighbors Community guidelines in our Help Center Article here. I’d recommend taking a look at those to make sure your post is within the guidelines. If a post is removed, you should receive an email about it that you can reply to in order to ask why your post was removed. The Neighbors team will typically get back to you within 24-48 business hours, but they’ll be the ones you want to contact via that email so you can get an answer. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t. If you read my post you would have seen where I stated that I’ve read the community guidelines and nothing I posted was in violation of that. Also emailing them back just resulted in another canned response: “we feel it’s not quite right.” That response is a useless as yours.

A straight answer would actually be appreciated, and I’m sure others having this problem would like to know as well.