Neighbors App -Toxic users

I’ve noticed there are a lot of users who will go on the app and try to discredit a situation or incident that someone has reported. I’ve seen some asking for more details of an incident when the original poster would not have it available since they only observed the situation. i.e. domestic , theft, etc.
Im wondering if the company has a team to help mitigate trolls on the app. Already causing issues in my neighborhood.


Thanks for your feedback @Eden ! Yes, we have a team of moderators and we also ensure all post follow the Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines . We’ll share your feedback with the team.


Trolls are everywhere on internet forums and social media. In my Neighbors app, I see similar behavior sometimes, but I also see other neighbors who stand up for the original poster of the alert and they get more “Likes” which indicates the general sentiment is not for the trolls but for the original poster.

There’s a fine line between what is clearly trolling and what is a difference of opinion that is expressed in these forums. It requires some fortitude to express what you want to say without regard to a troll’s opinion. I’ve learned to ignore trolls, and the partial anonymity Ring offers in the Neighbor’s app (which is actually a good thing, unlike Facebook) helps people say what they need to say/alert without trolls ganging up and picking on them (which is what happens on Nextdoor where there is less anonymity).

Good job on the Neighbors app, Ring!


This is still happening all of the time, by what appears to be the same user, around West Hollywood, CA. How long before you ban him? This is getting ridiculous.

We are sorry to hear this is occurring and not at all the experience we want for our neighbors. You are able to flag comments or posts you deem as inappropriate. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review.

Agree on this. I know some users in my neighborhood that said they will not post again to the app because of how people reacted to their video. For me about a month ago my one camera caught someone cutting through my neighbors yard till the light on my camera went off. Then they turned around and ran back to the street. I just posted to the app as a FYI, and some reactions would think I had asked the person to be send to jail with out a trail.