Neighbors app login issues

I was prompted to sign in to my account when opening the app. I entered my email and pw and received a text with a code, which I entered. I then received an email which says:

Your Ring account was signed in to on a new device or browser. Here are the details:
• Device/App: Neighborhoods App
• June 28, 2020 at 7:43 AM UTC †
• IP Address: 108.36.****
• Country: US
†Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) may not
represent the sign-in time zone.
If this wasn’t you, we strongly recommend you change your password now. Your security is our top priority.

The app says: Account created! Now let’s verify your email address. We just sent an email to [same email used to login]. To activate your account, follow the link in our email within 24 hours.

1 - why is the app saying a new account was created?
2 - there is no link to follow in the email I received. I presume because I have an existing account.

Hey @mlpurc. Have you ever signed into the Neighbors app before? If you have never signed in before, this would be why you need to log in and then verify your account, since it is the first time you’re using the Neighbors app. In addition, if your email address wasn’t fully verified before (your Ring account has been around for awhile and this wasn’t required during old account setups), this would be why you got the email to verify your account again for the Neighbors app.

The email you should then get to verify your account should be looking like the screenshot I have attached here (but saying Hi *insert your name*). You would click on Verify Now and go from there, but it’s possible it may have been a hiccup and you were already verified, so you got an email confirming you were good to go. :slight_smile: