Neighbors App, just my 2 cents

I disabled Neighbors in my Ring app. My posts are always denied. So far it’s useless to me. I see others have the same issues. My last post was about someone feeding animals in my neighborhood and food scraps ending up in my birdbaths in my back yard on a daily basis. All I said was if you see this please stop. It was denied. I consider that as useful as someone posting about seeing a bobcat in the middle of the night or someone finding a stray dog in their yard. I couldn’t find anything in the rules that would have gotten it denied. To me it’s a safety issue. The spread of disease from rotting food is not appealing.

Hi @theEdge. The Ring Community is a public forum, which is separate from the Neighbors app and the team that handles moderation for the Neighbors app. You can locate the Neighbors guidelines here to review what content is and is not allowed. If your post is removed, you’ll receive an automatic email regarding this removal. You can respond to that email to further inquire about why your post was removed. If you’re not able to locate this email in your inbox, you can send an email to directly.