Neighbors App has wrong address

It is February 2022 - The pinned solution is NOT a solution for Apple product users. Please unpin the solution, OR post that the solution only works for non-apple users. This is still an ONGOING issue… for over a year now.

4 days later in February 2022. Still no solution for iPhone users.

This also doesn’t work on Android if the App says your location is Earth.

This issue here Neighbors App - Address shows as "Earth"

We recently moved in November. My boyfriends is the main account holder and I am a “shared user” on the account. While his phone updated to the correct map location in Ring and in Neighbors, mine did not. I have tried all of the above, but as a shared user, I cannot do some of the things suggested for my account. All the address information is correct. We both have the exact same phone and on Android. We even deleted me from the account, uninstalled all Ring and Neighborhood apps from my phone and then re-added me as a shared user and reinstalled the apps onto my phone. This did not help at all. I just decided to turn off notifications and remove Neighborhood from my phone. I am tired of getting notifications for a place I don’t care about anymore. I guess we are stuck in this limbo of not getting the map to function properly. I’m done fighting with it.

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exact same for me. My husband was able to update his, but on mine (despite showing the new address) I still see all the alerts from our past neighborhood.

Wow wow wow wow wow. I have the same issue and was looking for a solution. TWO YEARS LATER and there’s still nothing??? I tried the suggestion in this thread. Nothing. I just need the zip code for the safety report changed but it’s impossible. What a waste. :frowning:

This issue has not been solved yet. 3 YEARS AND COUNTING??? The map on the ring app (through mapbox) is showing a location on a random street in my city. My address is correct but the map on the ring app is still showing a random location. FIX THIS PLEASE!!! Takes 3 YEARS???