Neighbors App has wrong address

Thank you for sharing this with the Community, @mrscaddy850. This is great information, and I agree neighbors should find success using the method your shared! I’ve now marked it as the solution. :slight_smile:

As a note for other neighbors, this method might result in a Neighbors App message to “change the address in your Ring App settings”, if you have a Ring device attached to the address while attempting to change. Nevertheless, following the method above and any in app instructions will help you to change your Neighbors by Ring address. Thank you again, @mrscaddy850!

This #77 marked solution is not a fix, atleast for iphone users. this was one of the first cut and paste responses support gave me back in 2020, and others in a thread going back to 2018. Multiple signouts, uninstall, reinstall both apps, create new locations/addresses. The whole point of this thread is that the neighbors app blocks you from changing the address in it, and is not syncing properly with the ring app, and is even worse for those of us who bought new construction homes. The mention of Mapbox may be true or may be rumor, but is the first mention I’ve heard of a possible way to get my address recognized, but why couldn’t ring support tell me that in 2020? I came back to this thread today as I wanted to see if any development since my last “we’re working on it” email response from support in January this year. I asked way back then how to get new addresses added and they didn’t know how…spoke to multiple tech reps who seem so know less than that guy who escalate to people that never respond. For the sake of argument, I just again tried signing out, deleting the app and data, rebooted phone, reinstalled neighbors app, signed back in and still getting an address near my old address. So no, this does not work.

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I agree…#77 DOES NOT fix the issue. I moved and updated the address in ring and have professional monitoring, however the neighbors apps still shows my old address. This is terrible support, but I guess you get what you pay for.


Sorry to hear these steps did not work for you, neighbors. Our support team is happy to take amore in-depth look at this, to find the best resolution. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Feel free to share with us any solutions you find with support.

I’m really sorry to hear that this solution did not work for you. There might be something to the Apple platform being different, but this definitely fixed my issue on Android. I had some strange random address a few miles away from me set as my address in the Neighbors section of the Ring app with no way to change it. When I downloaded the Ring Neighbors app and set my address straight in that application, it then reflected properly in the Neighbors section of my Ring app.

It may be a solution for Android users only (which makes me really feel for the Apple community…because this problem was maddening until I finally solved it), I cannot speak for the Apple platform, since I don’t have one. But this definitely worked on Android.

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Unfortunately this is not a fix for me.

  1. My address and zip code are correct in the Ring App, however the weekly safety report gives me the neighboring zip code, not mine
  2. As the posted recommended, I was able to find an app in the APPLE store, called “Neighbors by Ring”
  3. Upon installing, it’s clear the address in this new app is in incorrect, where it lists the neighboring zip instead
  4. When clicking on change address in “Neighbors by Ring”, a pop up appears directing me back to the standard Ring app to change.
  5. However the Ring app shows the correct zip code

It appears that there is a disconnect between the Ring app and the Neighbors by Ring app and the zip codes are now syncing correctly between the two.

Problem is not solved

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I have the same issue, Ring app shows the correct address and zip code but the neighbors app has a wrong address.

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I have the same issue and was provided the same steps above via Phone Support that did not work. On the bright side, the Chat Support agent I reached out to afterwards was able to give me a pro-rated refund of my Ring Protect subscription.

I stuck with the Ring doorbell to try out Ring’s security services, and after a year waiting for a fix, will be going with Nest.

I solved it, deleted Neighbors, no more annoying notifications.

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Any update on this? Same issue here and with my multiple ring devices I have multiple addresses.

I did the same thing because I had the same issue. Mapbox did fix the address issue on their maps; however, it had no affect on the random address showing up on my neighbors app. I spoke to tech support for an issue I was having with some cameras and casually asked her about this issue. She informed me that this is a known issue for Ring and they are “trying” to resolve it. I lost track of how many “updates” their have been to the neighbors app since my ordeal began 10 months ago, but none of them have resolved the issue.