Neighbors App has wrong address

Same issue. None of fixes in this thread worked for me.

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Not exactly sure. If I had to guess, I would think it is a little of both. The Ring app is not handing over the proper information to the Neighbors app. My location in Ring is right. My address is set up properly in Neighbors yet the location address is miles away. Not the same street, not the number, not the same part of town. Rediculious! I’ve tried all the suggestions from other people as well as hours on the phone/computer with tech support. I think a class action suit would get them moving.


I have had this issue since day 1. So from June 2018, until now, January 2020. Still no help. I want a refund or a new device. I wont subscribe to any services or add any other devices until this is fixed. I want to buy 3 more devices and subscribe. Not now lol


@Marley_Ring where did you go? We are still having the same issues.
I wish I bought a nest instead.

having the same problem with my ring system it shows i am like 3 miles out from where i am at i called up ring he just told me to open your alert circle where your house is located where you could get the alerts this is not a fix someone needs to address this he also told me that everything gets the the address from google maps i opened google maps recently like 2 mins ago and i checked my house is in the system someone needs to fix this problem!

yes this was done when I have recently talked to your support i even did a rest on my phone and uninstalled the app and did a new setup still gets the wrong address!

I was with tech suppport on the same issue and not getting any help… Ring Team you need to fix this please!!!

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I had to create a different account through the neighbors app. Only then could I see my community. It’s telling me through the rings app under the neighbors tab that my doorbell is associated to an address 2 miles away. So either these doorbells are refurbished and not deleted from that persons account, or the community maintenance team is just saving money where they can since these things are so flawed, or Amazons IT team is just sitting on it. Either way best work around I got was a whole different account…

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Not to beat a dead horse but add me to this long list of users who are having this issue. My address is correct in the Ring app but it is incorrect in the Neighbors app. The address in the Neighbors app is to a house down the street from me, so it isn’t as bad as others are experiencing, butthe address is still inaccurate nonetheless.

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Same issue here. Tried all the fixes, a different device, phone etc. With all the other crap going on with Ring once my plan runs out I am selling the devices and going with someone else. It’s a joke anymore.

Seems this issue is based on how the Neighbors App uses GPS to locate the home. The address in my settings is correct with zip code 92694. The GPS believes my address is in zip code 92679, which is how my weekly safety report is prepared. RING needs to change the Neighbors App to ALLOW the user to set the address as it’s clearly NOT using the address we put into our Ring settings. All I want is my Weekly Safety Report to be for zip code 92694!!


I am having a similar issue. Ring app has the correct address, but when you open the Neighbors map, it shows my home icon in a neighborhood over 6 miles away. When I open the Neighbors app, it shows the wrong address, which happens to correspond to the map location on Ring.

Support has been utterly useless. I’ve called multiple times since December 7, 2019 and they constantly try and walk me through the same troubleshooting steps, only to tell me they need to escalate my ticket to “second level support” - who then never calls me back.

In January I contacted them with the primary goal of being transferred directly to second level support - it took two tries, but then I finally made it… supposedly. The rep was completely inept and had no place being on the phones. They should have left her behind the curtain. I felt like I was in that movie “Legally Blond” where Ell is in court asking the same question in different ways except there was no stumbling over the right answer and winning the case (fixing the issue). After spending an obscene amount of time on the phone answering the same questions over and over, she finally offered to call me back if she could find a resolution. Yes. You read that right. I insisted she call me back regardless or else escalate the issue to someone who was capable of resolving the problem - she assured me that she would. Guess what folks… here we are almost two months later and no phone call.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Ring Elite doorbell - it’s great, and the software *was* great with the exception of my alerts being set up 6 miles away from where it really is. What a joke. Ring c-level execs clearly have no grasp on how terrible their support team is.

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This is NOT solved and this is NOT an acceptable solution. Do not close this post. The method that you offered does not work. I just tried it yet again, just to make sure. I work in IT. If I “resolved” an issue in our ticket system without making sure it was indeed, “resolved”, I would get fired. This IS STILL AN ISSUE, almost 2 years later. Still, no solution from your team. Completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! Shame on you Ring/Neighbors and your support team.


Still not fixed. I’m selling my ring and getting a Google Nest.

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Announcing departure. Please go to gate 5, now boarding.

So, I received a response from IT_sempre that appears to be from RING. I cannot find it in the Community thread so I’m responding here instead.

It includes the same “solution” that we’ve all tried and it has failed.

RING needs to tell the Develop Team to modify Neighbors to allow the user to input a zip code and apply that zip code to the Neighbors App.

The culprit is either GPS or Mapping tools. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps think my address is in Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679. In fact, my address is in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694. The Neighbors App insists on giving me a Safety Report for 92679. All I’m asking is that it give me a Safety Report for 92694. Hence, LET ME PUT MY ZIP CODE INTO THE APP!!

Thank you.

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Add me to this growing list of Ring users that has this issue. Neighbors app shows my house location as a few miles away. Can’t believe they don’t just let you manually enter an address!

Hi I heard this from someone else’s and I tried it u have to make a whole new account with a different email address and set it all up again to that new email

Doesn’t this “solution” remove professional monitoring and require the user to go through the steps of setting all that back up again? That’s not a trivial process for alarm users with permits, multiple users, etc. From the sounds of it that process doesn’t seem to be working anyway. This is a Neighborhood app problem, why does it even have to involve Ring’s other products at all?

Side note: Marley did you seriously mark your own reply as the solution and mark this thread solved when there’s continued recent complaints that it doesn’t work? Lol bad form.

Your questions indicate that, like most everyone else, you’re assuming positive intent and haven’t realized that Ring is simply deflecting the issue at best…but more likely misrepresenting their products & service by downright lying to us fully aware that the solution doesn’t work. They don’t even read the replys on this forum. If you believe that I’m overblown in my conclusion give this test a try and see for yourself: call Ring customer service and describe the original issue to the representative. They will apologize and act like it’s the first time they’ve heard of the issue. They will appear very concerned and give the impression that they are searching for a solution, even putting you on hold to ask colleagues if they have any ideas. They will come back on the line and offer the exact same solution you’ve read here and act confident that this will fix the problem. And it does provide the solution they are looking for which is to get you off the phone. They know that you’ll eventually give up and quit bothering them.
Here’s the two best solutions I’ve found in ascending order:
#2. Expand the geographical area of reports as far as possible so that your actual location is in the circle, then adjust the circle so it eliminates as much of the distant points as possible. It’s not perfect but it will be something you can live with.
#1. The only true solution that will result in your property being in the center of the circle is to find the address of the property in the middle then go buy that house and move in. Seriously, that’s the only true fix.
In conclusion…I hate to break it to you but Ring just doesn’t care and is willing to lie to your face to get you off the phone. I mean, if they actually read these posts do you think they would leave this one up?