Neighborhood Safety Report

Regarding the weekly “weekly safety report. Located here for reference: Just saw this on the Neighbors app:

Can anyone know the answer to the following?
1: what is the data source for incidents on the report (is it from for example?) is this intermediated from a webpage and if so can I have the direct link?
2: is there an archive I can view to see past reports? Since this only shows the week
3: is there a way to sign up for alerts? This is specific to reported incidents by law enforcement but I don’t see the incident on my neighbors feed, just that it’s logged on this report. I want to get a weekly summary emailed if possible. Does that exist?
4: where is the technical and legal information regarding this feature on the app, located? Like terms, privacy statement, licenses, etc. this isn’t mentioned anywhere on the current published terms and privacy policy

Also please add these tags: Neighborhood, crime, police, map, safety report,

Hey @J831899. Thank you for your feedback! I will make sure to pass this feedback onto the appropriate team. For your questions, I wanted to outline them in the way you had also asked, for clarity:

  1. Our data is sources from Spotcrime and Crime Reports
  2. There are no archives for Safety Report. Neighbors will receive a new Safety Report from us every Sunday. This report will stay in their feed for 1 week (until a new Safety Report is sent).
  3. Neighbors will not be sent alerts about specific incidents that occur on the Safety Report in real time. The Ring/Neighbors app will only send alerts that our neighbors, news team, or Police Officers send in real time.
  4. You can learn more about the Neighbor’s Privacy Statement here and more about the Neighbor’s app here.

Please stop sending the weekly reports at 8am Sunday morning and allow users to control what time it’s delivered for those of us who work non normal hours.


Not being able to disable the Neighborhood Safety Report’s notification sound and/or delivery time is the definition of an annoying app behavior. Early delivery on Sunday morning? Come on Ring… don’t be oblivious to your users preferences or desire to have a quiet Sunday morning. STOP.


I keep getting them too. Searching for info on how to do it. If I can’t disable this stupid safety report, I’ll drop Ring altogether. Soo annoying!!!