Neighborhood/Ring App Issues

Past 3 months im unable to post anything on the Ring or Neighbors app. Its not a ban of post. The app simply doesnt work.

  1. I have called the 800 support number for Ring 3 times since. The last time was 5 minutes ago and that call was an hour and forty five minutes.

  2. Typical go to the freezer get the box unthinking solutions. Basically blow out storage and cache settings. Unistall app, reboot phone, reinstall app. Nothing works.

  3. Ring supports verification process is hugely flawed when speaking on phone. They need to verify who they are speaking to about an account so they send you a text message which always works. Then they ask for one of your MAC IDs from one of your devices that is listed under DEVICE HEALTH. So, what happens next is you argue with Ring Support for an hour informing them there is no such menu call DEVICE HEALTH in the Ring App in order to get the MAC ID they require for the other part of verifying who they are speaking to.

  4. What RING Support fails to realize is the Device Health menu ONLY EXIST FOR RING DOORBELLS AND CAMERAS!!! Not for any other part of any of thier other devices… Ah#ls.

  5. Then Ring support wants to send you an email which nevers comes through. As I have informed RING support I suspect they have a characture limit on email addresses which prevents them from sending and revieving emails to you. I happen to have a long email address.

  6. So after AGAIN, for the third time spending 2 or more hours each time with Ring support playing IT Hanky Panky there is no resolution. The suuport tech got his “Supervisor” involved who simply resent me a message I have recieved 23 times prior from the support community stating I have to contact Ring Support… Who inturns tells me I have to contact The Ring/Neighbors Community.

I truly dont suspect this will get resolved. Im simply doing this as a futile excercise and at this point a full refund as well as the losses for all the hours on the phone for an alarm system that doesnt work and applications that dont work.
The Ring support tech told me his supervisor sent me a copy of the email which was sent over 30 minutes ago and still I havent recieved it.

The actual developers and execs have ensured a perfect system to hide within admitting no problems and providing no support.

The time and world Im from has never and will never have this dissregard for simple quality in products and services. Being a developer in IoT, LoRaWan devices, mobile/web applications I am still amazed the intentional lack of quality and garbage code that passes for the market. 99% is just plain laziness. Perfect example is Boeing 737.

Hey @Ratfink. Thank you so much for taking the time to detail your experience on this situation and give us feedback on what you’ve been there. I’ve made sure to pass this feedback onto the appropriate teams, as well as some of our teams that help troubleshoot when neighbors are unable to post things on the Neighbors app. They wanted me to confirm a few things with you, which may be why you are not getting the emails about your posts being denied from being posted:

  • Please ensure that you are following the Neighbor’s app guidelines. I’m sure you have been sent this information before, but just in case you have not, you will need to make sure your post is following the guidelines to be able to be posted.
  • When a post is denied, we will email the email address on file with the Ring app that is signed in, or the Neighbor’s app account’s email address. If you have not been getting any emails to your primary email address, I recommend to check ALL of your email addresses that it could’ve been sent to. Especially if you are a business owner, you may have multiple email addresses. In addition, make sure you are checking the junk and spam inboxes to make sure this email is not going there.
  • In the event you still have not seen any emails from us in regards to your post being denied, please email Due to COVID-19, our scope of support has been reduced drastically, and this is the only email address to email at this time to get this addressed. If you email this team, please include all possible email addresses you have to see if they can isolate this for you. This team normally takes about 72 business hours at max to get back to.

If you wish, I’m also happy to take a deeper look into this for you. I know you have spent time with support on several cases as you’ve talked about, and I’m happy to get in contact with the team directly on this matter to sort this out for you. We want to ensure our neighbors are making posts that their neighborhood needs to see, and I don’t want you to run into this anymore for the future! In case you would like me to follow up personally for you, please email Thank you neighbor! :slight_smile: