Neighborhood Alerts

I can get neighborhood alerts on my phone app, but how to you get them on the PC app?


Hiya @Tsura. At Ring we value your security and are always working on new features that will keep you ahead of the game. Our mobile app is designed to make you feel like you are always home with Ring. This means our mobile apps will often have many more features and settings than the desktop apps.

In the Ring app for the PC there is currently not a Neighbor’s section, but I will pass this on to the appropriate teams so we can look into having that added for future! Thank you for the feedback. :smiley_cat:

I’m newat this and the answer is probably here somewhere, but I’ve tried and tried and can’t find the answer, which is a basic one I’m sure. What exactly is a “Safety” alert? I just started using the app and it shows one in my neighborhood but I have no Idea what that means.

This should help.