Neighborhood Alert box has disappeared

As I get Neighborhood Alert Notifications, I would open the app and there was a “Neighborhood Alert” box to the right of the “Event History” box. Now the “ Neighborhood Alert” box has disappeared and there’s no sign of it under the settings. On the top right of the page is only an icon sending me to the”Neighbors” App. What happened!?

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Hi @Morimo! Neighbors history can be viewed in the neighbors portion of the app by tapping the “List” tab at the top, and then tapping the “Incident Map” tile. This will show you a map view of all incidents reported and where. It also allows you to filter and sort by date and incident type.

I recommend also checking out the weekly safety report section, also located on a tile towards the top of the Neighbors portion of the app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I don’t see alerts anymore either. The “List” tab referred to in this reply doesn’t exist on the iPad I’m looking at. These Ring devices are pretty frustrating, I’ve only got the one doorbell but I’m not buying anymore cameras or anything. There must be a better product available

Hi @Greg9. The Ring app has updated since the last post on this thread, so the information may not be as relevant. We’ve created Shortcuts to optimize how you view your Ring app. Make sure that your iPad is running on the latest version of the Ring app for best results. This Community Article here has information on how to use Shortcuts to change how you see alerts on your Dashboard. I hope this information helps!