Neighbor’s posted incidents displaying wrong map location

Alerts posted by others on the Neighbors app are displaying an incorrect anonymized incident location on my iphone 11. A recent post regarding increased police activity around site of VP’s visit displayed an anonymized location several miles away from both my home and the actual reported activity location. Through an exchange with another commenter on the thread I discovered that the anonymized incident location I received differed significantly from the anonymized location other’s received for the same alert. ( I have attached annotated screenshots of the map and comment thread to illustrate.) <br>My personal location is displayed correctly in both the Neighbors app settings and my phone’s location settings. It is not a big deal for this particular post but if there were an actual emergency having the wrong location is certainly not going to be very helpful. I am curious why (and how) I would receive an alert that differs so significantly from what other users received.

Hey @EdgeOfEmpireAZ! When it comes to neighborhood alerts, the location that the alert is coming from is obfuscated for user safety and privacy. It is up to the neighbor that made the post to be more specific if they would like by including details of where it happened in the details of the post, or by answering any location specific questions in the comment section if asked by another neighbor. The location should still be in the same general area or city of the incident, so if you’re finding that you get alerts from a city hundreds of miles away that are not in your general city/state, please follow up with our support team directly on this so they can look more into it! :slight_smile: