Neighbor issues

Hello Ring community! We’re having issues with the neighbors related to noise disturbances. It has escalated to where I have had to contact police to intervene as polite requests for them to stop has not resulted in respectful, courteous behavior. The house is a rental and it has had issues with tenants who don’t take care of the house and property, and noise ordinance violations. Their behavior is getting worse with harassment. I have footage of this occurring as far back as 5 months but unfortunately am not able to obtain video footage. Is there a way I can request this related to a now filed HRO? I have up to 2 months of footage as evidence but would like to access it all if possible. Thanks for your help!

I believe you can only access what you can via your account (30 or 60 days).
If you need longer, then Law Enforcement might be able to make a request if they have a relationship with Ring.
Otherwise, none of us have access to your accout info so you’d have to call Ring Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help). Be aware wait times are long and you may have to call repeatedly to find someone to assist.

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