Needless region lock on Ring Alarm accessories

I’ve put Ring Gen 2 Alarm throughout my home, spent a LOT. Base unit, extender, three keypads, three sirens, six window sensors, eight motion sensors, two outdoor gate sensors.

Ring keypads were on two month back order, so when my work colleague went to the US “I” bought a Ring Gen 2 Keypad to complete my install, and some leak sensors.

So, it’s the same keyboard that I’ve three of already, but when I try to add it, it tells me its region locked. Same for the leak sensors.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that Ring say that “anything that’s compatible with Ring can be added” and you can’t get much more “compatible with Ring” than RIng’s own products.

I work in volume consumer electronic manufacture, so I’m not buying that this is a homologation matter.

These items should just work.

Hi @pmk_mck. Ring Alarm and the Ring Alarm components, such as the Keypad, communicate with each other via Z-Wave. Different countries and regions utilize different Z-Wave frequencies, so Alarm components from different regions cannot be used together as they are not on the same Z-Wave frequency. You can find more information on Z-Wave in our Help Center Article here. You may want to have your work colleague look at obtaining a refund from the retailer where they purchased the Keypad and Flood and Freeze Sensors.