Need to snooze motion in my living room

I have checked all the Ring setting and can’t find one to control the motions inside the house. I don’t need to know each time my kids walk across the living room.

I can snooze the cameras and motion outside, but not in the house. Constant alerts on my phone and the alarm system will cause someone to jump off a cliff.

Please help if anyone was able to figure this out.

Hi @IngaT. To disable the alerts for your Motion Detector, but still have it detect motion, follow these steps. Open the Ring app and select- Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Motion Detector > Motion Alerts and toggle that setting off. I hope this information helps!

But that’s not the same as snoozing the motions. Will it still detect the motion when Armed and mention is set to OFF?

Hi @IngaT. If your Motion Detector detects motion while your system is armed to Away Mode, your alarm will be triggered. Turning off the alerts only disables the notifications. The Motion Detector still detects motion and records it in the Event History. I hope this clears things up for you.

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Perfect answer. That’s the information I was missing. Thank you.

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