Need to send Answer Mail by writing to Support (Mailadress needed)

Customer Support needed to contactly by writing, because i have a theft that was already in work by your employees in times where ring company was a alone standing company, and where it was possible to write back to your personal by Answer on Mail. This Option is now by Ring under Amazon not given, so i didnt can answer to mail by the old company version, but its a very important mail to your personal thats worked at least on my theft-situation (all details are given in this mail, then everybody will know and understand what is my reason to write now and here by this way) Thank you so much to solve this problematic. Sincerely :wave:t2::blush::raised_hands:t2:

Hi @GHOSTxUNITx1995. We no longer have a email to give when reporting the theft of your Ring device. You now have to contact our support team. The next best step for your concern would be to contact our support team to continue working with you on your theft report that you have started.

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