Need to replace Gen1 video doorbell

I have been using a first-gen video doorbell since Ring came to be. It’s finally died its final death - the charging circuit appears to have gone bad, plugging it in only results in a part of the motherboard becoming very hot, no charging happens and … well, it’s old. So it’s out.

Anyway, I need info on replacing it - I want to be able to just mount a new device on the same wire and have it work without any issues. It’s wired and I have a mechanical chime (not digital). I’m looking at the Pro 2 - is this a drop in replacement (besides the footprint difference)? Will my current plan that covers the Video Doorbell transfer to this new device?

Is there any way to get access to the installation manual before purchase so I can be sure this will go in without a problem?

Thanks in advance for answers.



An internet search found this.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Installation Guide – Ring Help

Thank you for the response. I think that’s a European (British?) manual so it doesn’t match well with what I would be buying.

Ahh, found the US one here:

US English Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Installation Guide

Thanks again.

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