Need to remove faceplate to reprogram at new house

Not new to Ring (I installed a RingPro and several spot cams at last house) but just bought a house that has a Ring Doorbell already hardwired in by previous owner, but even after extensive searching online, I cannot figure out how to unmount/remove face plate on this thing to reprogram onto my Wifi/Account. There are two screws on bottom rear two corners…do I need to have a tool to unscrew those? Help please.

Use your favorite search engine and look for “ring doorbell take faceplate off”. Mine gave a list of quite a few sites and videos.

As stated, already did that to no avail.

Then you didn’t use a good search engine.

Good luck with your search.

Hi @robbpoe. Yes, you do need a tool (screwdriver) to remove the screws on the bottom of the Doorbell. This will allow you to access the setup button so you can connect the Doorbell to wifi. If you don’t have the correct screwdriver, you can find on here.

@Tom_Ring have one for my Ring Pro and other installs I’ve done, but it doesnt fit. Do you know which tool I need for this particular model?

@SolarEclipse by all means please do the search when you dont know what model this is…that’s why I came here for help, no need to be an about it. If you don’t have something useful to contribute just scroll on by.

Hi @robbpoe. This model looks to be the Ring Video Doorbell (with an internal battery). You can find the Spare Parts in the link I previously shared.