Need to reconnect my Ring Cam but I am not able to be near itt

I bought two Ring cams - one for the front and one for the back - so that I could monitor my property while I was out of town for a few months. My home lost power and when the power came back on, the front cam reconnected fine, but the rear cam did not. The app says that the rear cam is offline.

Everything I’ve found about re-connecting my Ring cam says that I have to be near it. I - obviously - cannot do that. Does anyone know of any solution to reconnect the camera to the wifi without being near the camera? I can’t be the only one this has happened to. It’s pretty frustrating. I have to imagine many people have Ring cameras to monitor their property while they’re out of town. There has to be a way to get it to reconnect to the wifi without me being there.

I do have my next-door neighbor set up as a “User” in my app for both cameras. He could be near the cam. Would he be able to reconnect it?

Hi @user78057. After a wifi outage, your Ring Cameras will automatically try to reconnect to the wifi network. If the signal isn’t strong enough, your Camera may not be able to automatically reconnect. You will need to be near the Camera to walk through the reconnection process manually. A Shared User cannot do this, only the Owner of the Ring device can.

That is very disappointing. So, I spent all that money on the camera - not to mention the monthly service charges - for nothing? I’m not going to be near my camera for months. A huge appeal of your whole Ring ecosystem is that we - your customers - can use your cameras to monitor our properties remotely. That whole system falls apart if there is no way to remotely reconnect your cameras. This is a huge failure for your products and your service. Please escalate this to someone higher up the chain.

Your argument falls down on the fact that Ring don’t actually put their customers first. They are just about making a profit and dropping us cheap and badly coded product that hangs off equally poorly written firmware and software.
I bought a couple of cameras, then two weeks later they upped the subscription by 40% citing “improvements”. In the 2 weeks I owned the cameras there were no changes whatsoever.
Needless to say I returned them.

I recommend looking for alternative cameras. I have a couple of ANRAN cameras now. They are so much better than the Rings as they Pan and Tilt alongside all the other features the Rings had. Plus they have a 6 second record to the cloud feature which I have found is enough to catch whatever is happening. Plus they will take an SD card (which Ring do not) to record much longer clips of video.

Each camera was £69, came with a bigger battery than the Ring and come with a solar panel to keep the battery charged. Ring charge extra for a solar panel and batteries. Ring equivalent price: £200!
You can then choose if you want more cloud services, you are not forced into them.
The picture quality is better than the Ring too.

As for auto-reconnection, I completely changed my house routers, adding an outdoor one and began again with the same SSID and password and the camera managed to reconnect to the internet with zero intervention.

Its not the perfect solution to your problem, but I hope the above helps in some small way, if only to know Ring aren’t interested in your problem.

Good luck.