Need to mount stick up camera on aluminum frame

I need to mount a stickup camera to the frame of a swimming pool cage. It’s essentially a length of square 2" wide strut. We tried superglue to attach a wood block that we screwed the camera mount into. It fell off! We need some kind of clamp,or bracket. All ideas welcome (note, we can’t screw into the frame). Any ideas welcome!

I would try looking for either the flat or ‘U’ shaped pipe clamp (search for U Bolt Clamp on any hardware company site.) Screw your camera into a short piece of aluminum angle or a flat aluminum bar, which are also easy to find in a hardware store, or your piece of wood. and then use the ‘U’ clamp to clamp that to the cage. (Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stainless steel version of that to keep down rust, but there may be one.) You might also ask at the hardware store for some other suggestions, especially at one of the smaller privately owned ones. They might have a better suggestion.

I used these aluminum G-clamps to mount my Super Solar Panel onto an aluminum raingutter spacer: