Need to complain

Hi All

Does anyone know the email address to ring to register a complaint ? I’ve got an ongoing issue with a damaged camera and have rung/chatted with them on five separate occasions and each time they promise to send me a replacement and nothing turns up. I need to escalate it past the usual guys on the phone

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ade1959. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received the replacement Camera yet. You’re on the Ring Community, which is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum designed to allow neighbors to interact with one another and share general troubleshooting tips and tricks. Since you’re already waiting on a replacement from our support team, it would be best to follow up with them as my team here cannot see any account-related information. When you follow up, let the agent you’re speaking with know that you have already reached out several times and have not received anything yet so they can ensure it is properly addressed.