Need to charge ring doorbell twice a week and I’ve been trying to charge it all day today without success

Hi. I’ve had my doorbell 2 years and I now have to charge it twice a week.
Motion sensitivity - minimum
Adv motion detection - off
No motion alerts overnight
Snapshot capture off
Video recording length 15 seconds.

The only thing I have got on is live view as I need that for connection to echo shows.

I’ve also been trying to charge my doorbell all day and the charge continues to go down and not up. Was at 10%. Now at 6% and been on charge all day.

I’m a bit stuck as to what to do. I’ve tried 3 charging cables and 3 different plugs but it hasn’t helped.


I only have to charge doorbell, and other stickup battery cams, maybe every 2-3 months. I have higher values for recording length, etc. I check 1-2 times a day, live view for maybe 30 seconds (only had them for a few months so still like to play) Mine don’t trigger but a few times a week. They’re at a lake house. Sounds like your battery is bad, and maybe hasn’t been taking the full charge in recent charges. Do you have another battery you could use to test, maybe from another ring camera? Else you can buy a new battery.

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