Need to change wifi network but there is no option for that

Upgraded my router. Need to change the doorbell pro to the new network but there is no way to do it. Device Health only shows “Reconnect to wifi”. “Change Wifi Network” is not shown. Using Android app on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Play store says my app is up to date. I am the owner. What do I do now?

How to reconnect your Ring device to wifi or change your wifi network – Ring Help

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Also you could have left your SSIDs the same and you would likely have reconnected easier.

Those are the instructions I was attempting to follow. Unfortunately, “Change WIFI Network” is not shown as an option in my app. “Reconnect to wifi” doesn’t work, of course, because the password is different.

Did you try the Reconnect to WiFi option?

Yes, of course I tried it. Doesn’t work because the doorbell has the old password and the network has a new password. Gets “connect failed”.

Then do a factory reset and start as if you just installed the doorbell.