Need some help please with ring door bell3

hi everyone !

Ok if you look at the pic you can kind of see what the problem is,

Right now the unit is at 5ft, I know it says 4ft but when I do that it cuts the top of my head off, im looking to pick up as much of the driveway as I can, I have tons of kids playing in it and sometimes people park in it that don’t belong.

when the solar unit comes should I drop it down to 4 ft? If I go lower in the staircase the mail box is in the way. Oh I do have the downward wage in now.

help please

Hi @Roy_B! Your current mounting setup does well to capture the majority of the Driveway despite it’s height. As all entry ways vary, there are times when a porch or stairs can make for a unique mounting scenario. Great call on angling the Doorbell slightly downward, as this helps with motion detection and view, both near and far.

It looks like using the Video Doorbell in this entry way comes with the option of capturing outwards, or to the left where visitors would approach the stairs, but not both. Once a Solar Charger is added, angling your Video Doorbell will also be dependant on the mounting and direct sunlight received.

A Camera might also fit this area and provide an improved field of view, with mounting and different power options, including Solar Panels. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

the problem is this, it doesn’t pick up the driveway now

when I add the solor charger this weekend does the doorbell 3 see it and I don’t have to turn it on, yo could have put in a templet lololol