Need replacement ribbon cable for Ring Peephole

My Ring Peephole’s flex cable was damaged by painters and I am unable to locate a replacement part or kit. Does anyone know where to find a suitable replacement for the Ring Peephole flex cable?

UPDATE: an answer for anyone else looking for this. Amazon/Ring has discontinued it’s peephole and no longer has replacement parts. I have not located a suitable 3rd part replacement.


Hi @Justin619. For device replacements or replacement parts, you’ll want to follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here so they can review your device’s warranty and determine the best solution. You can also find a Spare Parts Kit for purchase on, which will have a replacement flex cable. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Thanks Justin619, I was looking for a replacement cable also for my peephole ring which stopped working after 3 years.

I guess the camera is now useless since Ring or Amazon decided to stop making these and abandoned all of us. I won’t make the mistake of buying a ring product again.

I like the solution, even though the cables are out of stock.

Terrible customer service


They literally have cut out a whole group of specific buyers who have no choice other than to seek another product by another company by discontinuing the product. Most doors have a peephole already so this device saved many who are not allowed to drill any type of holes in their apartments or other places rented. Ring has completely turned their backs on people not allowed to modify their exteriors like my apartment which clearly says this in the rental agreement. Clearly with the cost of their pro line they are in it for the rich and not the middle or poor which live in areas more requiring of their services. I was offered a one time out of warranty replacement but it was the ring video door bell v2 thats $52 bucks because their saying my Peephole cam only cost 32 bucks :joy: yeah BS. I am probably going to sell my cameras and convert to Google since they care compatible with both Amazon & Google product users unlike Ring which is exclusively working with Amazon smart devices such as the Echo Show or Firesticks if you want to be able to ask ONLY Alexa view a camera on your TV. So ignorant to half the market, I am also pretty sure that they have to provide replacement parts for X amount of years, contact US Consumer Affairs Filing a Consumer Complaint | USAGov and alternatively report this to the Better Business Bureau, I know Right to Repair acts have been passed as well as car manufacturers have been lawfully forced to produce repair parts for up to 10 years.

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Been there, done that, was told we don’t have it and got hung up on… I’ve since started looking to replace with anything not made or having anything to do with Ring…the customer service actually makes the phone company look good…

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I’ve been trying to get that stupid cable for a while. Spoke and chatted with someone in tech. The chat was simply we don’t service that after I asked a dozen times how I just buy the part, even sending him a picture. He simply said “we don’t have that” and closed the chat. Phone call had a similar result. Kept asking me about what new device I want, had to repeat a dozen times, this is not a warranty thing, no I do not want to add a new device… it was like having a conversation with a Martian… getting answers to things I didn’t ask… and finally being told they no longer service this product and they hung up.

I’ll never buy or use anything from ring again. Customer “service” like that convinced me to look elsewhere.

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They are so ignorant to their customers, I really wish Google would start adding removable batteries to all their devices, I would switch in a snap.

File a complaint with the Better Business Buru and the Consumer Protection Consumer Affairs.

Go to the Ring website and in the search bar enter the words “Spare Parts Kit” then scroll results for peephole spare parts. Comes with replacement tape, orange charging cord, peephole adjustment tube, inside attachment screw tube and tightening tool all for $4.99 USD. I ordered a few for that price just in case so I’d always have a back up, since they damage so easily.
I hope this helps.

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