Need recommendation for outdoor camera

Before I spend the money on a Ring device (or another), I’d like a recommendation, from those of you who own the cameras, please.

Our homes are very close together - 10 feet between them. Lengthwise, I need to view about 125 feet.

Aside from the security reasons, I need something to monitor the landscaping service one of my neighbor’s uses.

They use equipment too large for the area, run into my air unit, and blow the neighbor’s leaves against my house. I even caught one using my backyard as a bathroom.

Since we’re coming up to that season again, I’d like to keep an eye on them without having to physically stand there. And, it would give me an edge when they say they did not do it.

Would the spotlight do the trick, or do I need the floodlight hard-wired? I’d like to try for wireless, but if necessary, I will get an electrician to do the job.

I’d also like something that is adjustable.

My plan is to put three units:

one at the back facing to the street (the side with the pesky landscaping ppl),

one across the back of the house, and

another facing the street on the third corner.

I have a Ring doorbell that handles most of the front.


I’ve got both a Ring flood light unit and a “Spotlight” Cam and I like them both. The latter is less obtrusive, but both are hard wired so I used an electrician to get power to them. These are typically mounted high so a ladder would be needed to get to it, and I was NOT going to climb a ladder to get a battery, recharge it, then climb the ladder again. I do not recommend the “Stick Up” camera…I had one and it worked intermittently…not robust enough to use outdoors even though Ring claims it is capable of it. The motion areas covered are adjustable, and the Spotlight cam covers the entire frontage of our lot…about 100-feet. I like the ability to share the video with other neighbors that the Ring cameras take.