Need persistent Live View - override 10 minute timeout

I recently had 5 Stick Up Cam Elite’s installed and use Live View through dashboard.

My Use Case: I work from home and in my office I have a dedicate MacBook to watch the living room Live View. My dad has Alzheimer’s so I want to have a persistent Live View on him in the living room. If he gets up and moves to another part of the house, I get notification on my phone. My issue is that Live View has a 10 minute timeout. This means I have to reach over and click “Reconnect” every 10 minutes.

I’m less interested in Live View being recorded and more interested in having a true, persistent, Live View.

Are there any workaround to overriding the 10 minute timeout?

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Hi @VelvetJones. Live View will automatically time out after around 10 minutes. We have received the request to extend this timeframe before, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. I’d suggest adding your feedback and vote to that request. We use the Feature Request board to keep track of new ideas and features so we can share them with our teams.

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