Need my 5 digit pin code

I have a ring door bell hard wire according to Ring it’s a Pro 2 but I’m not so sure. I have no QR code anywhere on the device. I unmounted it from the wall and only have a MAC id and a SN#. I was told it can not be used. I have no paperwork as I purchased this home from a previous owner who had ZERO info on all the ring devices.

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To retrieve the Ring Doorbell 5-digit QR code: it’s on the back of the doorbell (yep, gotta take it off the house to view)
The separate plug-in Chime device has its own QR code on its back side.
Take a photo next time (like we finally did)

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This is a real C*ck up by Ring

Is there a solution to this? My ring doorbell is mounted and I really don’t want to take it down. All I want to do is change the WIFI. I have current access but it’s asking me to take it off the wall before I can change the WIFI. This is insane.

Same issue. Spent 42minutes on phone with support and I still can’t connect my ring to my new wifi.

Ok. So support says take a photo of the pin on the ring devise but they don’t say where it is located.

That’s my issue as well what a silly thing they did. Makes so many users frustrated.

This is such crap! I cannot get my Ring 3 off the wall. It is brick and super tight. Chat hung up on me. Tried calling, she could not help and I could barely understand her, now I am talking to someone on the facebook page. TOTAL crap. I just need to reset the WIFI!

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Absolutely ridiculous that I have to unmount the doorbell from the wall to get my pin code. It is -10 degrees in Minneapolis.

The doorbell disconnected itself from my WiFi. It just stopped … working yesterday.

Absolute bulls***

This is pure insanity. I have 13 devices across 2 houses. I updated wifi to 6E at both places and now they want me to take off 5 doorbells and a bunch of security cams mounted 20 feet up just to get a PIN… Worst design on the planet - this is the push I needed to switch to Google. I called support and they were totally useless