Need more security screws

I dropped and lost the security screws. Need replacements.

Look here for Ring’s supply ( Accessories | Ring).
If they aren’t there then checking on-line or with a local hardware store you should be able to get replacements.

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Not very reassuring, but I found them on Amazon complete with the bespoke screwdriver!

They make spare sparts available to folks and it’s “not very reassuring.”
What would it be if they didn’t? “wonderful and awesome”?

I simply meant it is not very reassuring that any ‘Tom, Dick or Harriet’ can buy a bespoke screwdriver on Amazon, thus meaning they could disable anyone’s Ring doorbell!
I’m not saying that they would, but at least if you could only get spares direct from Ring they COULD ask for some proof of purchase/ownership before selling the screwdriver…