Need information on range extenders

I am thinking about purchasing a Ring Alarm system to replace my existing wired alarm system, and I have a question about placement. Since my house is around 5,000 square feet, I’m afraid that I’ll need multiple range extenders. I would prefer to locate the Base station in a mechanical closet on one end of the house, but that would definitely add distance between the sensors and base station. My house has strong wifi throughout. Do the range extenders connect to the Base station via wifi or Z-Wave? Thanks!

Hey @donnie_grimes. The Range Extenders will connect to the Base Station via Z-Wave, and the range for them is about 250 ft with no interference or blocks in between. Therefore, since that is 250 ft open air, you may see that reduced with the walls in your home and any possible interference from other devices/appliances in the home. I recommend getting a couple extra to start, and if when setting up the Ring Alarm system, you see things will not connect, stay connected, or say they have a poor signal, to then add the extenders on as they seem fit. The Base Station will be connecting to your wifi or ethernet, depending on how you plan to set it up, and then all devices that connect to the Base Station communicate on Z-Wave. :slight_smile:

Will the range extenders daisy-chain together to reach farther?

Great question, @FTGSteve! The Alarm Base Station has a zwave range of 250 feet with no obstructions. For this reason, often times only one Range Extender is needed to reach another Alarm device. Nevertheless, you certainly can daisy chain the Alarm Range Extenders, up to 3. Feel free to also check out our help center article about zwave for more information on how your Alarm connects and communicates. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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