Need HELP!

Hi, can anyone recommend a tech to come figure out my wiring so my ring will stop going offline?

I have a Ring door Pro that shows “poor” on device health.

I’ve put on a new 16 volt transformer but no changes. It may be hooked up wrong at the doorbell not sure. I’ve tried everything I know.

Hi @Kjsol98 ! We are here to help. Do you want to try and troubleshoot a little before we determine if you need an installer? If so, do you have the Pro Power Kit installed as well? Thanks :slight_smile:

I do. It’s connected but the power is poor.

I’d rather just have someone come out. I’ve spent too much energy on this already. Lol

Hey @Kjsol98. Chiming in for Jennifer! We do have a Help Center Article here that goes over how to troubleshoot when the power is showing as poor. While Ring does not have technicians, there are services such as Amazon Home Services which can help with this. In addition, any local electrician, especially with this article, should be able to help figure it out! Please note that services such as Amazon Home Services or even other local electricians may be very limited due to COVID-19. Maybe you have a personal friend or family member that knows wiring that could help? All in all, I hope the article helps! :slight_smile:

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