Need Help with transformer -- Pictures added

Hello all,
I have existing old door bell which has transformer outside the chime and transformer look like this.

It says 4.9.12 volts and 1.75 amps on transformer .


Could you please tell me if this transformer will work with my hardwired video ring doorwell


Hi there, @ravidhiman! At first glance this transformer looks like it would not be compatible or provide enough power for a Ring Video Doorbell. The common power rating for our Video Doorbells is AC powered greater than 8 to 10 volts usually. If you can confirm which Ring device model you have, I’d be happy to clarify on exact power specifications. Also, I see this transformer might say “Made In England” and if so, powering certain Video Doorbell models can certainly differ with the standard power in your region. Looking forward to helping further :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I have the model which is
Ring Video Doorbell Wired. It has only wired option

Model number : 5AT3T5

Could you please also help with wiring of bell. Picture attached

Hi @ravidhiman. This Help Center article here has information on how to hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell.