Need help with peephole cam

Any one have any idea how to cover the bottom part

Hey @Jay2028. Was there a screw or piece that used to go in this hole? If there is, I recommend uninstall the Peephole Cam to put this back in place. If you do not have anything that could fit there, getting some acrylic wood filler from the hardware store (still uninstall the Doorbell before doing this) to fill up this hole. You can also look up some ways on filling in holes in a door on the internet, that’s how I found out about acrylic wood fillers! :slight_smile:

That’s not going to work I don’t know if you can see the picture that’s attached it’s to my front door in my apartment

@Jay2028 Yes, I can see it, and wasn’t sure if that was a second hole to you could fill/cover up. You may need to find something that works as a make-shift cover as well. The Peephole Cam is only meant for an installation with one common peephole sized hole, so if you have another hole in the door when removing the previous setup for this camera, you’ll need to cover up this hole before the installation.