Need help with activating Ring Pro doorbell.

I need help with activating Ring Pro doorbell. I have followed all the steps numerous times but without any success. Pressed orange button on side etc. There is sufficient current to the doorbell. I have rebooted my wifi modem but am I unable to activate the doorbell. Looking for blue spinning light only have solid white light. What must I do as I now at a complete loss?

Hey @Edjobe. If you’re unable to get the Ring Pro to broadcast the Ring AP to complete setup, I recommend leaving the device alone for a couple hours to charge up and be ready to setup. After this time, do a reset by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. From there, give it a minute, then press the setup button again. Is it spinning now, allowing for you to finish setup?

My Ring doorbell is not battery operated but is operated by electric cuurent…

@Edjobe Understood! Even though it is not battery operated and hardwired, when you first set up the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the transformer, or from the chime kit to the transformer kind of connection, the device will charge up for about the first hour before power is steadily going through it.

We would recommend to leave it for about a hour so that it has stable power already flowing through it while you go through the setup, to avoid any hiccups is all! Just wanted to make sure that was covered for you. Definitely give that reset a try since it seems to have been plenty of time, and let me know how setup goes.

Will try what you suggested…