Need help troubleshooting my Ring doorbell

I have a basic Ring doorbell and chime. My wife is a shared user on our account and her Ring functions (live view, motion detect, etc.) recently stopped working on her Samsung J7 phone. I tried everything that I could think of to remedy the problem, and as a last resort I uninstalled the Ring app on her phone, reinstalled it, invited her as a user and she accepted. The problem now is that the motion detect function isn’t working on either of our phones. I’d appreciate any guidance… thanks in advance.

Hey @ruggles826. Thank you for letting us know what steps you’ve tried so far and what the results were. To clarify, are you not receiving any notifications to your phone or does nothing appear under the Event History? This will help us narrow down if the concern is with the Doorbell itself or if it is a concern with only the notifications. If you go to the Event History log and you see recent motions, then the concern is isolated to the notifications and you may want to check for any apps that conflict with the Ring App listed here.

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