Need help on two things with Ring DoorBell and App

When I go on the Ring App, the front door camera is there. By pressing on that, it should automatically go to “Live” mode. But it doesn’t. I have to press another button to go “Live”. Why? Why do you need to press two buttons to access “live” mode?

How can I delete “ALL” event history? is there a way of doing that? I don’t want to delete one at a time, especially when it asks me “Are you sure you want to delete?”. Again, pressing two buttons to do one task is silly.

Hey @Blackbeagle! A live stream can certainly be accessed right away in the event a notification is received and you answer it immediately. Otherwise, a live view would have to be initiated from the live view button or the timeline in the app. Check out our Rapid Ring app which also provides a quick connection and quick access to live views.

To delete all events, please visit the event History list in your Ring app. Before doing this, I recommend saving any important videos by downloading them. Once you are ready to delete all from your device’s event history, simply click edit in the top right corner of that page in the app and “delete all” will appear in the bottom right. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: