Need help installing Ring Wired Doorbell!

I installed the ring doorbell and there is no power, the ring doorbell device won’t turn on. Doing some research, most of the photos or videos I’ve seen, users have a red and white wire. Mine comes with orange in the transformer. I am not sure if I don’t have enough voltage, but transformer says 16V.

I have tried different installing wires and still nothing, I am stuck! Please help!

Hi @Ringadingding711. I would recommend taking a look at this Help Center article; it has a wiring diagram for installing a Doorbell Wired directly to a transformer. If your wiring is different or you are having issues with power, I recommend consulting a qualified electrician for further assistance on your installation. There is also an alternative way to power up a Doorbell that could be simpler. It would be using a Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation). You plug it into a standard indoor power outlet and run the cable to your Doorbell. I hope this helps.