Need feedback on my Spotlight Cam Mount

Hello there I wanna ask if anybody has there cameras mounted on top of house like mines without no covering on top for the rain? See pic so you can understand me better. If you have it like me hows on rainy days?

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Buy a silicone sleeve for it on Ebay or Amazon, for weather protection. if you look at reviews for the spotlight on Amazon, there is a definate problem with th spotlight weather wise over time. IP55 is shower proof, not water proof.

Hello breakNegg,
I bought Silicone Covers for my 2 floodlights and a spotlight from ebay and amazon. After a few months when I removed them for cleaning the cams, they were covered with mold, algae and lichen inside the covers. Tried different types from ebay and amazon but no good. In my opinion they will end up doing more harm than good.
Hope this helps.