Need a camera for front of my house

Hi I need a camera for the front of my house, I need the motion detection to be able to pick up motion to 20m away from the camera and start to record as soon as the motion is detected. I am looking at the Ring spotlight camera wireless, will this do the job and if not can anyone recommend another camera. Thanks for your help Eddie

Hi @user54760. There isn’t a specific measured range of motion detection. Ring Cameras are designed to detect and alert you to visitors on your property, such as people walking into your yard or driveway. This depends on where the Camera is mounted as well, since the mounting location will affect what is seen in its view.

The Spotlight Cam or Floodlight Cam are popular choices for the front yard or back yard, due to the lights they have. We have a Security Camera Placement Guide that help help you decide where to place your Ring Camera, and a comparison of each Camera here to help you decide which one meets your needs. I hope this helps.