"Near Zone Feature"

The online support page for Ring 2020 Video Doorbell (and other doorbells like Ring 3) says that there is a “Near Zone Feature” that can be activated. WHERE IS THAT?

From the website:
Utilize the Near Zone feature: You can use the Near Zone feature to activate a horizontal Motion Zone in areas only 5 to 15 feet in front of the camera. This means you can still cover a broad area with less motion alerts caused by vehicles.

I cannot find this “Near Zone Feature” on the app. Please help!

Hi @BobNoxiousUSA. I looked into this on our Help Center and on the Ring website and I couldn’t find the information about this. Would you mind sharing a link to the Ring website or Help Center page where you’re seeing this information regarding a Near Zone feature? I’d be happy to take a look and confirm this with my team. :slight_smile:

Hey @BobNoxiousUSA. Stepping in for Caitlyn here and happy to clear this up for you! Do you have Advanced Motion Detection turned on? When Advanced Motion Detection is turned on, you will not see the Near Motion Zone, as the Advanced Motion Detection is a different kind of motion detection system we use. If you turn off Advanced Motion Detection through your Motion Settings and then go back to customizing your Motion Zones, you will then see the difference in what the Motion Zone settings look like, along with this new Near Motion Zone at the bottom of the different pre-set zones. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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the preset motion zones dont cover the proper area, so i have to customize.