Narrow frame install

I live in a condo and we’re not permitted to install video doorbells on the siding. Unfortunately the door frame is narrow and the width of the Ring Pro 2 is too wide.

I found a third party narrow frame mounting kit that will fit right where the doorbell is currently. But I’m concerned this will void the warranty and the theft protection warranty. One of my neighbors used the included wedge but I’m also not keen on having a space between the wedge and the frame for bugs or moisture to find their way in. I’m thinking caulk should fix that.

I don’t want to install a peep hole camera. I really just want the Ring.

Does anyone else have this same install issue and have a solution that doesn’t void the warranty ?

Here’s another pic

Here’s a pic of the third party narrow install kit

Hi @user50716. You can also use a few pieces of plywood to shim and increase the surface area for your Ring Pro 2.