Narrow doorframe - what would you do if you want to try and use existing wires?

Hi all,
See the left side of the doorframe. I am about to purchase an out of town house that looks like it has a very narrow doorbell in the left frame. I prefer to swap the old doorbell out with a wired doorbell camera, but i’m not sure what i should do. I haven’t measured the existing doorbell but it looks like it might be around 1" wide?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ringwormm. That does look very narrow. Is the door frame raised, or obstructed by the screen door? If the door frame where the doorbell circuit is at is flush to the wall, you may be able to hardwire a Ring Doorbell by pulling the wires out from the wall slightly to connect to the Doorbell. If not, you may want to consider one of our battery Video Doorbells that do not require an existing doorbell circuit for installation.