Naming Shared Users

I have shared users on my account, but my application doesn’t allow me to properly name them. So whenever there is user activity, all my notifications say “Null Null” has armed/disarmed the Ring, etc. It is annoying that it doesn’t have a first and last name field at the very least.

Hey @Jcomer. Are you able to go into your Shared User settings and re-add them to adjust their name, and then have them try arming/disarming to see if it shows up properly? I recommend going into the Ring app > main menu > Settings > Users and see how they are listed here. Even if the shared user has a first and last name, tap on them, and then scroll to the bottom and hit Remove User. After you have removed them, add them back, and have them try it out! Let me know if this works to show their name properly in your history. :slight_smile:

I removed the user and added them back. But it would only allow me to enter the email. So I still cannot identify the user by name.

@Jcomer Maybe they do not have their name entered into the Ring app properly, my apologies that I just realized that needs to be corrected too! Have them go into their Ring app > Main Menu > Account and edit their first and last name there. Once that is updated properly, try arming/disarming and let me know if it shows up correctly then! :slight_smile: