Mystery false alarm

I have a ring doorbell with a powered supply and a few door contact sensors and motion sensors. Last night at 4.20am the alarm activated for no apparent reason and when I investigated I found no cause. The ring app event log showed “Front door “ had alarmed but it’s not clear whether it was the ring doorbell or the “Front door “ contact sensor as they have the same name (I have renamed one). There’s a paper clip icon next to the event. The doorbell is outside and it was -1C but the door contact sensor is inside where it’s warm. I don’t know how to find the cause and prevent recurrence. Any ideas please :pray:

Hi @saltpeter. The Doorbell will not cause the Ring Alarm to sound. This would mean that the Contact Sensor labeled front door would have to be what set off the alarm. The paper clip icon means that the devices are “Linked”. Basically, when the alarm sounds, the Linked doorbell will record. You can learn more about this here.