MyQ integration with Ring app - Finally a workaround

I’m one of the early adopter of Ring Doorbell since 6 yrs ago in Canada. I just got the MyQ garage door controller, thinking that I could integrate it with my Ring system but in fact after spending hours of trying end up with a big disappointment.

Please add MyQ and Ring integration in Canada, or I might have to switch to other brand and you will lose a loyal customer from the north !

Finally a workaround!!!

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A good way to add network connectivity to a a dumb garage door opener.
The myQ app works alright.

There is also a workaround to connect it to a Ring alarm system (discussed in past threads about Ring alarms):

  1. Configure Ring alarm and myQ separately
  2. Open the Ring app, temporarily change the address to USA
  3. Open the “add devices” menu, a few previously unavailable categories should appear, including garage door controllers
  4. Add relevant myQ devices (link myQ to Amazon and Ring, Cdn account credentials work)
  5. Change the address back to Canada

This may or may not work in configurations with Shared Users.

Don’t change the address. Add a new location and then delete it later.

I followed this and was able to add the MyQ garage door to my Ring account