MyQ integration with Ring app - Finally a workaround

Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive. Eagerly waiting for MyQ integration with Ring App in Canada and also there should be direct home shortcut on Ring App to open/close garage door with ease. MyQ app hangs a lot and sometimes even i am connected on internet it says no internet available. I hope Ring community team is taking us seriously and have this integration in their pipeline.


Glad to see after 20 different Google search re-arrangements my suspicions were confirmed. This is such BS tbh. Some technicality, or some engineer on a different regions team just forgot to add it, and it’s taken a YEAR to update? I just got a new smart garage door today. How on earth has it not been updated to work with Myq yet?


Any update? I find my self in the same situation.


An honest answer from RING as to why this is not available would be a nice gesture. Please provide us with something digestible.


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What’s going on. So i just got everything installed and setup and the two systems don’t work together as advertised. Wonder if this is something for the BBB?

Yeah this is horrible - I just “upgraded” to a ring alarm and even my archaic app had this integration years ago - other than just wait for an update that says this is added why can’t ring give us a straight answer as to why we don’t have this feature in Canada. I assume it’s because they are being cheap and don’t want to pay money to MyQ. Ring support - can we get an honest answer?

This whole situation seems awfully similar to what we went through 5-6 years ago while we painfully waited for HomeKit compatibility that never actually came. All of Chamberlain’s MyQ packaging had Apple HomeKit Compatible logos all over it but after five years or more, they never did come clean about it. Their products never did end up working with HomeKit until they released the 819LMB HomeKit bridge and forcing everyone to buy yet another product and pissing off existing customers big time. My point being, I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Ring, it is most likely Chamberlain at fault here, 100%.

@Marley_Ring please bring MyQ integration to Canada! Ring is on the cusp of losing my business if this cannot happen soon. Canadians have been waiting long enough!!

Jan 2022, and still waiting to roll this out in Canada. If I wasn’t so invested in ring I would look at alternative at this point.

At least they could say we are not releasing it, we don’t care about Canada instead of this empty promise .

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we should not have expected anything better. remember the promises for the ring pro to work with home kit we now there is a pro 2 and still nothing. my Father always told me that a promises is a comfort to a fool. we fool us once and fool once and now fool us twice. Ring treats us as if we are second class (in Canada). and is giving us a watered down version of there products/ app. i have the full alarm features and even will al that they can’t add some simple short cuts.

App version 5.48.0

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I bought the chamberlain based on compatibility. Any updates ring team? Can we expect this feature update or should I pursue other brands for my total solutions? @Marley_Ring

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The ring up is no adversion 5.50.0 still no update to this Request

Fine, but they only mention it in the forums after you buy the devices. Nowhere does it say on packaging and literature that the integration only works for US users. Between you and me, that’s a whole lot of malarky in this day and age.

It’s downright misleading and is false advertising.

Why keep deflecting to MyQ, Ring equally should show some leadership with respect to Canadian customers. At least publish/print disclaimers where needed. The simple rule of underpromise/overdeliver goes a long way. Assuming is not the way to go in today’s competitive landscape. Ring are the leaders aren’t they?!

Good thing i havent invested too deeply into ring yet. The garage door camera integration was crucial for me. Ill be looking for alternatives to ring now.

Folks, you are not missing much. The myQ/Ring integration is lame. You mostly get notifications through the Ring app if the garage is opened/closed. But I came here finding this thread, because the notifications have stopped working reliably. Half the time I only get open or close notifications since about a week or so. I gave up on it and just enabled notifications in the myQ app. You can’t actually open/close the garage door from the Ring app, instead it launches the myQ app, so it’s really pretty much worthless. It also slows down the dashboard if you have the Garage status on there. I just removed it because often the dashboard never displayed.

Some people mentioned the clusterf… with myQ and Homekit. I gave up on their hardware bridge as well. It’s garbage. Instead I use the open source I run it on a Raspberry Pi and control everything through the Home app. It has plug-ins for Ring, myQ, Nest etc., I pretty much don’t use the Ring app for anything anymore, other than notifications. If you are not aware of, I highly recommend you check it out. It has allowed me to unify everything in Homekit, so no waiting on Ring etc. to add Homekit support.

How exactly are you exposing your devices? Homebridge is as secure as the hardware you run it on, and as diligent as you are with updating node.js etc. to fix known vulnerabilities. I probably wouldn’t recommend running Homebridge on hardware that’s exposed to the Internet for example. The source code is open and can be vetted. But as with everything software, you have to stay on top of it and keep it updated whereas with proprietary vendor software you have to trust those vendors to fix vulnerabilities and push out firmware updates. It doesn’t require work on your end, but you also don’t really have any insight or control over the updates. I probably would not run unverified plug-ins, but the verified ones are developed by responsible community members who use them themselves and are responsive when reporting a bug. You can’t even reach a developer at Ring.

I’m not sure you understand how Homekit works. Homebridge remains behind your firewall and only local devices can talk to it. Either an iPhone/iPad directly or a Homekit hub on your network such as an AppleTV or HomePod. When accessing your home remotely from your iPhone, the iPhone communicates with the AppleTV or HomePod on your network and not with Homebridge directly. So Homebridge is not directly accessible from outside your network. Somebody would first have to compromise the AppleTV/HomePod or another connected device to get onto your network. You are putting a lot of trust in commercial vendors, too. Remember how the Ring cameras got hacked not too long ago?

Exactly! And 2 years later, still not working - Why sell a product to a canadian that doesn’t work in canada? :rage: