My ring2 doorbell will not pick up motion after dark. Help!!

After dark, I am getting no video pick up. My husband came home at 1:00 AM and there is no record of it. This is concerning to me, incase anything suspicious is happening at night. Please help!

Hi @JackieDave. Your Doorbell’s motion detection should not be impacted by the time of day unless you have a Motion Schedule set to avoid receiving alerts during a certain time frame. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Motion Zones you have set, both during the day and night? Additionally, what is your Motion Frequency and motion sensitivity slider set to? :slight_smile:

I have never set up a motion schedule, just zones. I didn’t even know I could set that up until you mentioned it! I’ll attach photos of what I think you are describing. My zones are the same 24 hours. I never set a mode. Just motion settings.

@JackieDave Thank you for sharing those screenshots here. Would you mind sharing what your Motion Frequency is set to? It is possible that your husband arriving home was not recorded due to the Motion Frequency setting, which you can learn more about here. Additionally, have you tried testing an event at night by walking up to the Doorbell to see if it notifies you and captures the event?

Re: My ring2 doorbell will not pick up motion after dark. Help!!